Full Build Of A Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck

In today's video you can see a complete 3 year build of this Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck. The Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck is designed to capture the essence of traditional hot rod styling. It is a classic, minimalist look with a long hood, exposed engine components, and a sleek, low-slung body.

Factory Five Racing is a well-known American company specializing in the production of kit cars and performance vehicles. They are known for providing enthusiasts with the opportunity to build their own custom vehicles, typically replicating iconic and classic car designs. The "Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck" is a part of their product lineup and is inspired by the classic American hot rod style, combining elements of both retro and modern design.

Like most Factory Five vehicles, the 35 Hot Rod Truck is offered as a kit car. This means that customers purchase a package containing all the essential components and parts needed to build the vehicle. Building a kit car can be a rewarding and hands-on experience for car enthusiasts.

One of the appeals of Factory Five's products is the ability for builders to customize their vehicles. Customers can often choose various options and components to create a unique Hot Rod Truck that suits their preferences. The Factory Five 35 Hot Rod Truck typically features a custom chassis designed for performance and handling. It may be compatible with a range of engines and drivetrain options.

The engine and transmission options for the Hot Rod Truck can vary depending on the customer's choice and local regulations. Customers may select from a range of engines, including small-block V8s, to power their Hot Rod Truck. Factory Five vehicles often come with modern suspension systems, brakes, and other components to ensure good handling and safety.

Factory Five Racing has a strong community of builders and enthusiasts who share their experiences, tips, and advice on forums and social media platforms. This can be valuable for individuals building their own Hot Rod Trucks.

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