Simon's Chopped 1934 Ford Coupe

The term "chopped" when referring to a 1934 Ford Coupe typically means that the roof of the car has been modified by lowering or "chopping" it. This customization is a common practice in the world of hot rodding and custom car building.

When a 1934 Ford Coupe is chopped, the roofline is lowered by removing a portion of the top section of the car's roof. This modification not only changes the car's appearance but can also improve its aerodynamics and give it a more aggressive and sleeker look.

Chopping a car's roof is a skilled and labor-intensive process that involves cutting and reshaping the roof structure while ensuring that it remains structurally sound and safe to drive. It often requires custom fabrication and welding to achieve the desired look.

Chopped 1934 Ford Coupes are popular among car enthusiasts and hot rod builders for their classic and timeless appearance. The customization possibilities are nearly endless, allowing for various styles and levels of modification to suit the owner's preferences.

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