American Fork Steel Days Car Show 2023

Welcome to American Fork, Utah for its annual "Steel Day" Car Show. It was a massive turnout, over 300 cars entered. There were classics, hot rods, rat rods, trucks, VWs, exotics and more. Watch the video until the end to see the cars driving into the famous parade.

Some information about the American Fork Steel Days Car Show. It is an annual automotive event that takes place in American Fork, Utah, as part of the Steel Days celebration. Steel Days is a community festival in American Fork that includes various activities, entertainment, and events for residents and visitors.

The American Fork Steel Days Car Show typically features a wide variety of classic cars, custom vehicles, hot rods, muscle cars, and sometimes even motorcycles. Car enthusiasts from the local area and beyond often participate in the show, showcasing their meticulously maintained and restored vehicles.

The car show is usually held during the Steel Days festival, which typically takes place in mid to late July. The specific date and location may vary from year to year, so it's essential to check the official Steel Days website or local event listings for the most up-to-date information.

The car show often includes multiple categories and classes for vehicles, allowing participants to compete or display their cars in various divisions. These categories may include classic cars, antique cars, modern muscle cars, trucks, and more.

So, watch the video below and you will surely like it. Don't forget to leave your comment! Visit our website daily to see more!