Here's Why the British Hot Rod and Custom Car Scene is Fantastic

The best of the British custom car scene are authentic Hot Wheels hot rods! Have you ever heard of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour before? This is a chance for someone to have their car project immortalized in the form of a 1:64 scale diecast model. Various countries are hosting their own heats for the tour, and the winner overall last year (so globally, not just the UK) was the main star of this video - the Volvo P1800 Gasser Drag. A "Gasser" refers to a style of drag racing car popular in the 1950s and 1960s, known for having a high front end and a powerful engine.

Lee Johnstone's Gasser is wild. But even better, it proves that you can take a junk car and turn it into a worldwide celebrity! Now in his 70s, he has been building V8 engines and drag racing since he visited Santa Pod in 1967 (a year after it opened!). Lee is from Somerset, and although he doesn't compete in a specific drag race series, he enjoys simple heads-up racing and shares the driving seat between his three daughters.

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