Dodge Rat Rod Custom Hot Rod V8 Show Car

Check out this one of a kind crazy custom rat rod show car! It all started with a 1983 Dodge Ram 50 built by Mitsubishi. This car has undergone many modifications. The top was cut 10 inches and the seats were lowered 4 inches into the floor to create plenty of headroom.

The windshield was split, the visor was built from the front of an original hot rod, and the hood was split and crushed to give the look of a '30s hot rod. This amazing vehicle is powered by a 454 cubic inch Chevy V8 engine, aluminum heads, 3-speed hydromatic automatic transmission with a 350 turbo.

It includes a real copper radiator with electric fan to keep you cool. You can also see modern Honda racing seats inside this car. The front end is topped with the chopped, sectioned and raked grille of a 1937 international 2.5 ton water carrier, the headlights are from an unknown oddball vintage car from the 1920s, the front suspension is from a 1950 Chevy milk truck and features disc brakes, quarter-elliptic springs and knee bars.

It's awesome! Instead of a fuel tank they put a beer keg! The rat rod is equipped with a speedometer, rpm, water temperature, oil pressure, voltmeters, not forgetting pistols, grenades and a gas mask. Many thousands of dollars were spent on professional craftsmanship! After watching the video we offer you below, rate this rat rod! Because it is a work of art that requires special attention!