Custom Built Hot Rod Headers for the 1932 Schroll Roadster's Oldsmobile Rocket

When the guys pulled the window out of the 1932 Ford 5 from the Schroll estate, it had an Oldsmobile Rocket engine installed, but the headers were never installed. And they looked through a collection of vintage hot rod magazines to find inspiration for an awesome exhaust system. Matt wanted to do everything correctly and skillfully.

One of his favorite styles were the "lakes headers" with a full exhaust run out the back. One of the biggest advantages to that style is you can "uncork" it for racing and return it to a mild street exhaust. Most of the headers you can buy from most retailers have a very large megaphone end that looks out of place.

Matt decided to build a complete set with a much smaller diameter end. After spending two days creating custom headers, the look of the Schroll 32 has completely changed! Once the lift has opened up Matt will finish up the full exhaust out the back! It's worth seeing! Check out the episode below and enjoy.