1935 Ford 3W Coupe Sitting Since 1958

Meet Jason. He found a 1935 Ford 3W coupe that had been sitting since 1958. Jason was told it was a 1934 Ford coupe and was excited to see it and make an offer. He waited 6 years to finally get to see it! When he went there to inspect it for the first time, he immediately noticed that it was not a 1934 Ford coupe, but a 1935.

The 1935 Ford 3-Window Coupe is a classic car model produced by Ford Motor Company during the mid-1930s. There are three windows: one windshield and two side windows. The 1935 Ford featured updated styling compared to its predecessors. The design included a prominent grille, integrated headlights, and a sleeker overall appearance.

In 1935, Ford offered various engine options, including V8 engines. The most common engine during this era was the Flathead V8. It was a reliable and popular choice for many Ford vehicles of the time. The standard transmission was a manual gearbox. Automatic transmissions were not widely available at this time.

Classic car enthusiasts often appreciate the 1935 Ford 3-Window Coupe for its distinctive design and historical significance. Well-maintained and restored models can be sought after by collectors and vintage car enthusiasts.

That's why Jason is still interested in making the deal, and Mike decides that he should make it. He had wanted a 1935 Ford 3W for a long time. It was perfect timing. So the guys headed to Texas to try and recover this hidden gem! Mike's plan is to keep it exactly as it was found but cleaned up so they can do a "will it run" test soon.