1938 Ford Hot Rod Pickup! OHV V8 Power!

A 1938 Ford Hot Rod Pickup, especially one that's been powered by an overhead valve (OHV) V8 engine and left abandoned for 48 years, represents a significant piece of automotive history and a potentially exciting restoration project!

A man purchased this 1938 Ford pickup at an online auction. It was a hot rod in the 1970s with a 283 Chevrolet engine and a bunch of other hot rod parts. As far as we can tell, it last ran in 1975! Being abandoned for nearly half a century, the truck will require extensive restoration. This includes rust treatment, structural repairs, mechanical overhauls, and electrical system updates.

A 1938 Ford Hot Rod Pickup with an OHV V8 engine, particularly one that has been sitting abandoned for decades, represents a blend of classic design and custom hot rod culture. Restoring such a vehicle is a deeply rewarding project, offering a connection to the past and a canvas for personal expression. It's a project that would appeal not just to car enthusiasts and collectors but also to anyone interested in automotive history and restoration.

Scroll down to see how a 1938 Ford Hot Rod pickup got a second chance at life. Will it still work after 48 years of sitting? Let's see.