1000bhp AWD Burnout Monster: the NASROD

The collaboration between Rob Dahm and Jessie Jewart resulting in the NASROD is a fascinating project, merging the world of hot-rods, NASCAR inspiration, and a touch of "redneck math." The NASROD's unique features, such as the LS motor, pushrod suspension, and the ability to perform a four-wheel burnout with its 1000bhp AWD setup, showcase an interesting blend of power, creativity, and a sense of humor.

The use of the powerful LS engine, often preferred in high-performance applications, combined with all-wheel drive capability allows you to focus not only on pure power, but also on efficient traction. The four-wheel burnout capability adds a playful and entertaining element to the vehicle, emphasizing the fun aspect of automotive customization.

The NASROD is a bold and distinctive creation, pushing the boundaries of what a hot-rod can be. It reflects the automotive subculture's diversity and the limitless possibilities when enthusiasts with different expertise come together to create something out of the ordinary. It will attract your attention not only with its impressive power and capabilities, but also with its unconventional and interesting approach to automotive tuning! Watch the video below and you'll say "Wow!"