1926 Ford Model T Hot Rod

This short, well-produced video features a custom-built 1926 Ford Model T hot rod, often called the "Tall T" because of its high roofline. This particular vehicle have been modified and built during the 1970s, a period known for creative and distinctive hot rod designs.

Steel or fiberglass body typical of Tall T models, characterized by the high roof and narrow body, is simply stunning! A popular and attractive color for hot rods in the 1970s, orange is something amazing. This hot rod has spoked front wheels with small tires, likely for a lightweight appearance and better handling. Rear wheels are larger, providing improved traction and a classic hot rod stance.

V8 engine, typically used in hot rods for high performance. This one has multiple carburetors, indicative of a focus on performance. The induction system includes a multi-carburetor setup for improved airflow and power. You can see a reinforced chassis to handle the increased power and performance of the upgraded engine.

The 1926 Ford Model T hot rod featured in today's video is a classic example of the creativity and engineering prowess typical of the 1970s hot rod culture. It blends vintage styling with modern performance enhancements, making it a unique and attention-grabbing vehicle on the road. Take a look at this special vehicle and let us know what you think about it.