1932 Ford Coupe - Real Steel Henry Ford

A masterpiece of automotive history—the 1932 Henry Ford Steel Body 5 Window Coupe. This stunning vehicle, a blend of vintage charm and modern engineering, had undergone a meticulous transformation.

The coupe's silhouette was immediately striking, thanks to a professional 3" chopped top that gave it a sleek, aggressive stance. Its show-quality hi-gloss black paint gleamed under the lights, a testament to the hours of painstaking craftsmanship that went into its restoration. Built on a 1932 frame and chassis, now boxed for added strength, this car retained its original Ford steel firewall, preserving a touch of authenticity amidst the many custom enhancements. The steel grille shell, complete with an insert, and the louvered steel decklid and Rootlieb hood further accentuated its classic appeal. A custom steel roof insert, also louvered, blended seamlessly with the chopped top, adding to the coupe's unique character.

Under the hood, a rebuilt 330 Desoto Hemi motor purred with potential. Coupled with a B&M 727 automatic transmission and a Halibrand quick-change rearend, this powerhouse promised both performance and reliability. The engine was complemented by an Acme intake with 3x2 carbs and a Spalding Super Flame Thrower distributor, ensuring optimal performance. Sanderson block hugger headers and glass pack mufflers with cut-outs provided an exhaust note that was both robust and distinctive.

Inside, the coupe was a blend of classic style and modern comfort. Custom tuck and roll upholstery covered the seats and the matching upholstered trunk. The custom airplane bomber seats, complete with seatbelts, added a unique flair. The Triumph gas tank, mounted in the trunk and topped with a BSA motorcycle gas cap, was both functional and a nod to vintage design. A new battery, discreetly mounted behind the seat, ensured reliable starts.

This 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe is not just a car; it is a rolling piece of art, a tribute to both its original design and the skill of those who restored it. It stood ready to turn heads and capture hearts wherever it went, a timeless icon on four wheels. Check out the video below and see how unique this car is!