1930 Dodge Rat Rod "JALOPY"

This 1930 Dodge rat rod has a distinctive and unconventional radiator placement. Instead of being located at the front of the vehicle, as is typical in most cars, the radiator is positioned in the rear of the car.

This unusual setup can sometimes be seen in custom or rat rod builds to create a unique look or to solve space constraints in the engine bay. In this particular vehicle, the front of the car has been heavily customized, and the engine is prominently displayed without the traditional front-mounted radiator. The radiator's placement in the rear can be inferred from the lack of a front radiator and the presence of the engine's plumbing indicating a different cooling arrangement.

The engine is prominently displayed at the front, with no hood or grille, allowing for better cooling and easy access for maintenance. This open engine bay also enhances the aggressive, utilitarian look of the rat rod. The exhaust pipes and headers are custom-made, often with minimal muffling, giving the rat rod a loud, raw exhaust note that adds to its character.

This setup is a hallmark of creative engineering often seen in rat rods, where builders experiment with different configurations to achieve a distinct aesthetic and performance. The Oregon Mountain Cruise in Joseph appears to be a gathering that features such unique and creatively modified vehicles! So just scroll down and you can enjoy this unique car!