Bizarre Motorcycle Accident: Motorcyclist Hits I-94

Just another terrible accident footage we present you now! On June 18, 2016 a motorcyclist named Brendan Jankowski was on I-94 eastbound.

He was following a SUV that pulling a boat. As reported by the Minnesota State Patrol, there was a water carpet tied onto the back of the boat. The water carpet came loose, landed on the busy road and became the major cause of the accident. Jankowski survived this blood-curdling accident and apparently he narrowly escaped the death. After the accident Jankowski has turned himself in to cooperate with authorities and said "When I saw it coming undown, I really couldn't believe it. I got thrown from my motorcycle. When I hit the ground I just kind of tucked and rolled. I didn't blackout either because of my helmet which did its job." Fortunately, he suffered from just minor injuries. He must be really luck to be alive after such an incident!!!

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it!