When Oldies Come Together: Cool Rat Bike with 1936 Lister D Stationary Engine

Here are some questions! Have you ever imagined how were the first engines? Who built them? How much horsepower they were producing? Which type of fuel they were using? What happened to them? Do they still exist or are they still in use?

In today's video, which is worthy entertaining enough to get almost three million views on YouTube, you're going to see an ancient engine installed to a badass Rat Bike. Most of you may already know what is a rat bike, but let us explain what it is for those who don't. Rat bikes are technically motorcycles that are specially styled o look like they have been used for so many years. The rat bike filmed in today's video looks just like that! It has an old look and it's powered by an old engine. This "old engine" is a Lister D, a stationary engine built between the years 1926 and 1964 by a British company. Lister D engine were used to power various machines and mechanism, including water pumps, cement mixers, generators and more, but it's a rare for a Lister D to power a motorcycle as it produces only 1 or 1 and 1/2 horsepower. When a rat bike is combined with such an ancient engine a satisfying sound comes out. It's a kind of sound that you should hear to cheer up when you feel depressed.

Watch the video and enjoy it!