Motorcycle Group Ride!

Bikers are like any other enthusiasts, some like to hang out and ride in a group or club and some like to go it alone. Generally cruiser riders, mostly Harley owners, ride in groups and to these people bike riding is a social activity. Bikers who have other types of bikes, such as sports bikes and streetfighters (the "naked" bikes) see riding as a set of particular skills, very athletic in nature, and these rider's have to put in a lot of hours of repetitive practice in empty parking lots and tracks to achieve the level of riding they want. This can be done alone or with other riders in the area who desire to develop the same skills.

Even if alone, it invokes a feeling like no other which is one reason we ride on the first place. Riding in groups is for multiple reasons:

1. Safety in numbers
2. Group trips
3. Charity rides
4. Memorial rides
5. Isn't it always more fun to enjoy a passion with others that too enjoy it?

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it!