Fat Tire Custom Motorcycles

Talking about custom motorcycles, we have to mention about custom motorcycles with wide and fat tire kits. With the biker's passion and request, there are more and more fat tire custom motorcycles have been built or modified everyday.

Today, in this short video, you will check out some of the most coolest custom motorcycles with 300, 330, 360 tire kits and especially 1500 tire kit also. So, if you are the fan of custom motorcycles and love fat tire motorcycles, this video is really edited for you.

Nowadays, you can catch many harley davidson motorcycles with 360 tire kits, 300mm tire bobber motorcycle, 240mm rear tire triumph bobber, harley davidson custom dual fat tire, custom harley, custom bobber or custom chopper 360 rear tire kits. Not only building fat tire with harley davidson motorcycles, harley davidson custom, custom bobber, custom chopper motorcycle, custom fat tire kits were also built with sport motorcycles, sport bikes or superbikes as: custom hayabusa 360 rear tire kit, suzuki gsxr 1000 300 tire, bmw s1000rr fat tire bike. All these custom fat tire motorcycles look so unique and incredible.

Take a look at these amazingly beautiful custom bikes and see how cool and badass they are!