1975 Honda 1000cc Motorcycle

This beautiful motorcycle had stored in garage for over 25 years! So let's see how it will run.

The 1975 Honda GL motorcycle was also known as the Gold Wing GL1000. It was the first model in the popular Gold Wing series and was known for its smooth and powerful performance, comfortable ride, and innovative features.

The GL1000 had a 999cc liquid-cooled, four-cylinder engine that produced 80 horsepower and 61 lb-ft of torque. It had a 5-speed transmission, a shaft drive system, and a front and rear suspension that used air pressure instead of traditional springs. This made it a very smooth and comfortable ride, especially for long-distance touring.

In addition to its innovative engineering, the GL1000 also featured a range of luxury features, including a large fairing, a stereo sound system, and an integrated luggage system. These features helped to establish the Gold Wing as a premium touring motorcycle, which remains popular among riders today.

Watch the video to see how cool this 1975 Honda GL1000 is and enjoy its charismatic beauty!