Old Soviet Motorcycle Full Restoration

This is the Ural M63, 1969 onwards, it has stood motionless for many years. The video presented to you today contains: a simple tool for unscrewing rusty connections, flushing a gas tank, bluing, galvanizing, copper plating, rust removal by electrolysis and other.

What a beautiful restoration by a true craftsman! This is a real masterpiece, from the motorcycle work to every single frame of the video! When you bring such an old beauty back to life, this feeling is incomparable to anything.

The Ural M63 is a classic Soviet-era motorcycle that was produced by the Ural Motorcycle Factory in the 1960s and 1970s. It had a 4-speed manual transmission, a shaft drive system, and a top speed of around 75 mph. The bike also featured a leading-link front suspension and a swingarm rear suspension, which provided a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Ural M63 was known for its reliability and durability, and it was widely used by the Soviet military as a utility vehicle. It was also popular among civilians, particularly in rural areas, where its rugged design and off-road capabilities made it well-suited for rough terrain.

Today, the Ural M63 is considered a classic motorcycle and is prized by collectors and enthusiasts. It represents a unique piece of Soviet-era engineering and design, and its rugged, utilitarian character continues to appeal to riders around the world.

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it!