Valleys Xtreme 2023

In this video you can see some of the coolest motorcycle rides we've had in the UK. Valleys Xtreme is an enduro event that takes place over two days in Walters Arena, located in the Welsh Valleys in the UK. The event is known for providing one of the toughest and most challenging rides in the UK enduro calendar, with a combination of technical terrain and difficult obstacles.

Enduro is a form of off-road motorcycle racing that involves navigating a course through a variety of terrain types, such as dirt, rocks, and mud, over long distances and typically over multiple days. Riders must have a combination of speed, endurance, and technical skills to be successful in enduro racing.

Valleys Xtreme attracts riders from all over the world, who come to compete and test their skills on the challenging course. The event is known for its steep climbs, rocky descents, water crossings, and other obstacles that require riders to have excellent bike control and physical fitness. This time 500 competitors took part in the competition.

Check out the video we bring you below and enjoy these extreme motocycle rides!