Fitting Carbon Wheels On A Triumph Bobber!

Fitting carbon wheels on a Triumph Bobber can be a great way to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your motorcycle. Carbon fiber wheels offer several advantages, including reduced weight, improved handling, and increased strength compared to traditional alloy wheels.

Ensure that the carbon wheels you choose are compatible with your specific Triumph Bobber model. Check the wheel size, bolt pattern, and hub diameter to ensure a proper fit.

Carbon wheels may have specific tire fitment requirements. Check the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure that the tires you plan to use are compatible with the carbon wheels you choose.

Carbon wheels may have different brake rotor mounting systems compared to stock wheels. Make sure the carbon wheels are compatible with your brake system or consider upgrading the brake rotors accordingly.

Carbon wheels require special care and maintenance compared to alloy wheels. They are more susceptible to damage from impacts and require proper cleaning and maintenance to keep them in optimal condition.

In today's video you can learn how to install carbon wheels on a Triumph Bobber. So don't miss the chance to watch this video! Scroll down and enjoy!