Monster Spec Wide Wheel Bobber Built In 10 Minutes

A wide wheel bobber motorcycle typically refers to a custom-built or modified motorcycle that features a wider rear wheel than a traditional motorcycle. The term "bobber" typically refers to a stripped-down, minimalist style of motorcycle that emphasizes simplicity and a retro aesthetic.

In a wide wheel bobber, the rear wheel is wider than the front wheel, giving the bike a distinctive look. The wider rear wheel can provide increased traction and stability, especially during acceleration and cornering. It can also enhance the visual appeal of the motorcycle, creating a more aggressive and muscular appearance.

Customization options for wide wheel bobbers can vary significantly, including different wheel widths, tire sizes, fenders, frames, handlebars, and paint schemes. These motorcycles often have custom-made parts and modifications to achieve the desired aesthetic and performance characteristics.

In today's video you will see how to build a custom wide wheel bobber to fit a showroom like no other! Check out the video below and enjoy! Don't forget to leave your comment.