Suzuki Boulevard M109R Custom

In today's video you will see the Suzuki Boulevard M109R motorcycle in all its glory. Model cruiser Suzuki Boulevard M109R was introduced in 2006 in the role of a flagship muscle bike in the lineup of Suzuki motorcycles. On the market of European countries, this model is sold under the name - Suzuki Intruder M1800R. The motorcycle is focused on the markets of North America, Europe and Australia.

Motorcycle Suzuki Boulevard M109R today acquired a large enough popularity among buyers. Which often try to allocate the iron horse themselves or resorting to a custom of harmony! The motorcycle combines excellent quality, style, dynamics and beauty, together giving an extraordinary drive from driving.

The designers of the manufacturer managed to create a motorcycle, featuring an unrivaled design that attracts the eyes of others, and the designers in this very compact the bike was able to accommodate a two-cylinder powerful V-shaped engine, liquid-cooled, having a power of 125 HP Powerful and absolutely reliable motorcycle Suzuki created especially for long-distance tourist trips.

This model is quite heavy and powerful. Due to the impressive wheelbase of the bike is great keeps the road. However, at low speed novice motorcyclists may have difficulties with the controls. However, the bike was originally designed for experienced people who know how to deal with it. It is worth considering that the motorcycle has a setting that can be applied to limit the speed to the ride was more relaxed.

The basis of the power unit of the motorcycle,as mentioned earlier, served as a V-shaped, two-cylinder engine,with a liquid cooling system and a volume of 1783 cm cube. The cutoff of this engine is 7500 rpm, and the maximum torque it shows is already at 3200 rpm, which is 160 Nm. This engine provides excellent dynamics of the motorcycle even with its weight of 315 kg and allows you to gain from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. A maximum speed of 207 km/h, and, I must say, this is quite enough when it is weak the windscreen.

Don't miss the chance to see the real beauty of this special bike! Scroll down and watch the video below till the end. Let us know what you think of it!