A Motorcycle With A Car Engine From ZAZ 968

Converting a motorcycle to use a car engine, such as one from a ZAZ 968, is a complex and unconventional modification. While it's technically possible to perform such a conversion, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Car engines are typically much heavier than motorcycle engines. Installing a car engine in a motorcycle can significantly alter the bike's weight distribution and balance, potentially making it unstable and difficult to handle. Proper engineering and design modifications would be necessary to ensure the motorcycle remains safe to ride.

The motorcycle's frame and chassis may not be designed to accommodate the weight and size of a car engine. Structural modifications would likely be required to ensure the frame can support the engine's weight and transmit power safely. The suspension and handling characteristics of the motorcycle need to be extensively modified to account for the changes in weight and engine placement. Failure to do so could result in poor handling and safety issues.

Safety is a critical concern when undertaking custom motorcycle modifications. The stability, braking, and overall safety of the modified motorcycle must be thoroughly evaluated to minimize the risk of accidents. While a car engine may provide more power and torque, it could also lead to excessive speed and acceleration, which may not be safe or legal for a motorcycle. Careful consideration of performance upgrades, brakes, and tires is essential.

In summary, converting a motorcycle to use a car engine from a ZAZ 968 is a complex and challenging project that should only be undertaken by experienced engineers or fabricators who understand the engineering, safety, and regulatory aspects involved. This man did it! And this is Phenomenal! The ingenuity, creativity and just raw skill this man possessed didn't even measure or just put together the pieces he needed to pull this off. Don't ever let the money or lack of access to materials discourage you, because that's exactly what will come of it! This 4 cylinder engine is super simple, and even carbureted.

Scroll down and see how amazing this car-powered motorcycle is. You will be amazed for sure! Let us know what you think about it!