Top 7 Best New Beginner Motorcycles for 2024

What should your first bike be? If you have a similar question but no answer, today's video is for you! We have prepared for you a list of the 7 best motorcycles for beginners. Motorcycles for beginners should ideally be user-friendly, easy to handle, and provide a comfortable learning experience.

It's recommended that beginners start with smaller engine sizes. Motorcycles in the 250cc to 500cc range are often suitable for new riders. These bikes are lighter and less powerful, making them more manageable while you build riding skills. The best choice depends on your personal preferences and comfort level. It's a good idea to sit on and test-ride several bikes to find one that suits you best.

Our list of 7 best motorcycles for beginners includes bikes like the Triumph Speed 400, the Scrambler 400X, the Kawasaki Eliminator 450, the Aprilia RS 457, the CF Moto 450SS, the CF Moto 450NK, the CF Moto 450SR-S. Check out the video below, make your best choice and enjoy the ride.