Nürburgring Motorbikers

Are you ready to experience incredible emotions? Welcome to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the famous and challenging racetrack located in Nürburg, Germany. The Nordschleife, often referred to as "The Green Hell," is known for its complex and demanding layout, with numerous twists, turns, and elevation changes. It is a popular destination for car and motorcycle enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of driving or riding on a challenging circuit.

Motorcyclists are permitted to ride on the Nordschleife, but they must adhere to specific safety regulations and guidelines set by the racetrack authorities. Riding a motorcycle on the Nordschleife can be a thrilling but challenging experience due to the track's technical nature and the need for skilled riding to navigate its many corners and variations in road surface.

This is truly a breathtaking sight! It combines incredible speed with a fierce thirst for winning! Bikers on the Nürburgring are truly heroes; driving a car on such a dangerous track, but riding a bike... Don't miss your chance to watch an amazing video today. Scroll down and check out the video below.