Split Wheel Motorcycle

Split wheels typically refer to a type of motorcycle wheel design where the wheel rim consists of two or more pieces that are assembled together. This design can have various purposes and benefits! One common application of split wheels is to facilitate easier tire replacement. Instead of having to disassemble the entire wheel, the split design allows for removing only a portion of the wheel to replace the tire, which can be a practical feature for maintenance.

Split wheel designs can offer customization options, allowing motorcycle enthusiasts to mix and match different components to achieve a unique look or enhance performance. In the event of damage to a specific section of the wheel, a split design may make it more manageable to replace only the damaged part rather than the entire wheel, potentially reducing repair costs.

This all sounds great, but will we get the expected result by making such a motorcycle with our own hands? Will these wheels be practical to use? The heroes of this video made a motorcycle with split wheels. They managed to do something incredible! Let's get a look!