8 Retro Motorcycles that You've Probably Never Heard of

In today's incredibly beautiful video you will see 8 retro motorcycles that you have probably never heard of. These are eight motorcycles that will make your heart beat faster. For example, AJS is known for its classic and retro-style motorcycles, which often pay homage to the brand's heritage. However, specific model details and lineups can change over time.

One of the retro-styled models produced by AJS is the AJS Cadwell 125. The Cadwell 125 is designed to evoke the look and feel of classic British motorcycles from the 1960s. It features a café racer design with a low-slung handlebar, a single-seat configuration, and a retro color scheme.

Another very cool motorcycle is the Metisse motorcycles. They are known for their connection to off-road and motocross racing, and the company has a history of producing both classic and modern motorcycles. Metisse motorcycles are often recognized for their distinctive nickel-plated, oil-carrying frames. The frame design is not only functional but also contributes to the unique aesthetic of Metisse bikes.

The iconic Mk3 made its debut in 1962, marking a pivotal moment for Metisse with its groundbreaking design and engineering excellence. This model became the catalyst for the brand's legendary innovations. Notably, in the realm of Motocross, the Mk3 secured victories in prestigious events such as Moto Cross des Nations, 250 and 500 cc Grand Prix races, and numerous national competitions.

Known for its commitment to constant evolution, Metisse, under the leadership of its current owner Gerry Lisi, embarked on two ambitious projects. In 2005, the company set out to create a new motorcycle: the Mk5. This endeavor went beyond a mere frame kit, as it involved the development of a distinctive engine, named the 'Adelaide' 8-valve engine. The entire design, machining, and assembly process took place at the state-of-the-art Carswell workshops.

Cleveland CycleWerks is an American motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 2009. They are known for producing small-displacement, retro-styled motorcycles. Cleveland CycleWerks was founded by Scott Colosimo with the aim of providing affordable and stylish motorcycles for a wide range of riders. The company initially gained attention for its small and medium-displacement motorcycles, typically ranging from 125cc to 450cc. Models often feature a retro or vintage-inspired design, appealing to riders who appreciate classic aesthetics.

Some of the models produced by Cleveland CycleWerks include the Heist, Misfit, Ace, and FXx. Each model typically offers a distinctive style while maintaining a focus on simplicity and customization. One of the aspects that riders appreciate about Cleveland CycleWerks motorcycles is the opportunity for customization. The bikes serve as a canvas for riders to personalize and modify to suit their preferences.

You can see all these super vintage retro bikes in today's video. You just need to scroll down the page and start browsing. Enjoy watching.