Rudge 500cc Four Valve 1929 First Start After 30 Years

Today we're looking at the 1929 Rudge 500cc four-valve engine, which represents an important chapter in motorcycle history. Rudge-Whitworth, a British company, was known for its innovative approach to motorcycle design during the early 20th century, and the 1929 Rudge 500cc model was a prime example of this innovation.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this motorcycle was its four-valve head. At a time when most motorcycles were using two-valve setups, the use of four valves allowed for better airflow in and out of the combustion chamber, improving engine efficiency, power output, and reliability. The 500cc engine of this Rudge model was quite advanced for its time. It offered a significant power increase over many of its contemporaries, making the Rudge 500cc a popular choice for racing and performance-oriented riders.

Starting a Rudge 500cc Four Valve from 1929 after it's been dormant for 30 years is an undertaking that combines both mechanical restoration and a bit of historical revival. It's a significant moment for any vintage motorcycle enthusiast or restorer. This first start is more than just turning a key or kicking over an engine; it's akin to bringing a piece of history back to life, an accomplishment that resonates with anyone who appreciates the art and history of motorcycling!

Just take a look at this 1929 Rudge 500cc four-valve engine motorcycle and see its first run after 30 years by scrolling down and watching the video below.