Bistella 500 - 10 Cylinder Radial Twin-Star 2-stroke Custom Motocycle

Custom motorcycles often represent a fusion of creativity, engineering skill, and a passion for unique designs. Custom builders may use various components and technologies to create motorcycles that stand out from mass-produced models.

In this video you will see a unique project of a young Czech engineer - Marek Foltis, a motorcycle with a radial two-star two-stroke engine. This young man has many skills. The idea of ​​a supercharged 10-cylinder radial engine would have prevented anyone from even starting this project. He succeeded, and the result is just fabulous! The sound is unique, it goes well, and the finished paint and writing are great too.

The 10-cylinder radial engine is a very unusual and unique powerplant for a motorcycle. Radial engines are typically associated with aircraft and are characterized by cylinders arranged in a circular pattern around a central crankshaft. A two-stroke engine refers to a type of internal combustion engine in which each cycle of operation is completed in two strokes of the piston.

Take a look at this absolutely brilliant motorcycle, the work of an exceptional genius. The attention to detail, the mini superchargers and all the work done is simply beautiful. See for yourself by scrolling down and watching the video below. Have a nice day.