Annelise's 1954 Triumph T100 Bobber Custom

Barn regular Anneliese brought in her pre-production 1954 Triumph T100 Bobber this week. This motorcycle was custom-built by Jack from Jackson Motorcycles. Annelise had a long-standing desire for a custom bobber and a specific interest in Triumph pre-unit engines. Eventually, she decided to turn her dream into reality by collaborating with Jackson Motorcycles to bring her vision to life.

This story highlights the personal connection individuals can have with their motorcycles, the craftsmanship involved in custom bike building, and the realization of a long-held dream. Custom-built motorcycles often reflect the unique preferences and styles of their owners, and the involvement of skilled builders like Jack from Jackson Motorcycles adds a layer of expertise to the narrative.

Because, you know, there is nothing, nothing better than a vintage bike! This is one of the best looking and beautiful sounding hardtail Triumph Bobber! Wonderful lines, very stylish. Notice the details: oil tank/fire extinguisher battery compartment, switch panel, curved seat springs, nice modern details. Just a cute build!

If you're interested in vintage motorcycles, you'll want to check out the enjoyable and well-presented video below. Touch something pleasant and enjoy watching.