Honda CBX - Six Cylinder Symphony

Few motorcycles have left a lasting impression quite like the Honda CBX, also known as the CBX1000. Back in the late '70s, it stood out as one of the most remarkable bikes of its time, owing much of its allure to the extraordinary six-cylinder engine and its captivating exhaust note.

The Honda CBX can be regarded as a halo motorcycle, not necessarily in terms of sales volume, but in its ability to respond perfectly to other superbikes of the seventies, such as the Suzuki GS1000, Yamaha XS11, and Kawasaki Z1. While it may not have been a mass-market success, the CBX1000 became a true icon, playing a pivotal role in re-establishing Honda's reputation as a manufacturer of desirable and thrilling motorcycles. Its distinctive sound only served to enhance its overall appeal.

The Honda CBX remains a timeless symbol of innovation and engineering prowess in the world of motorcycles. Its six-cylinder engine and the unique auditory experience it offered showcased Honda's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating bikes that left an indelible mark on the industry. The CBX1000's limited sales didn't diminish its impact; instead, it solidified its status as a rare gem that continues to be celebrated by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

It's been 45 years, but no one has yet created a better-sounding motorcycle. That's amazing! This CBX has more cylinders than most Honda cars in the world! Honda's Super Six line, nothing compares to the pure invigorating look, sound and riding fun of the era. A classic masterpiece awaits you! Scroll down and check out this true perfect combination of beauty and pure madness. Have fun.