BMW R25/3 1954 Motorcycle with Sidecar

This is a BMW R25/3 motorcycle with a sidecar. It is a classic motorcycle that dates back to 1954. The BMW R25/3 is part of the R25 series produced by BMW, which includes models R25, R25/2, and R25/3. The R25/3 is notable for its reliability, robust design, and historical significance in the post-war motorcycle era.

The R25/3 is powered by a 247cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This engine produces around 13 horsepower at 5800 RPM. It's designed for durability and ease of maintenance, which was crucial in the 1950s. It features a four-speed manual gearbox with a shaft drive, which is characteristic of BMW motorcycles, ensuring smooth and reliable power transmission. The bike has a tubular steel frame with telescopic front forks and a plunger rear suspension.

The sidecar is built with a metal frame and body, matching the aesthetic and durability of the motorcycle. It has its own suspension system to absorb shocks and maintain stability. The plunger rear suspension and telescopic forks provide a comfortable ride by the standards of the 1950s. The sidecar adds stability but requires the rider to adjust their riding technique, particularly when turning. With a top speed of around 110 km/h (68 mph), the R25/3 is not a high-speed machine but excels in reliability and ease of use.

In summary, the BMW R25/3 with a sidecar is a classic piece of motorcycle history. It combines practicality, reliability, and a nostalgic charm that appeals to collectors and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Its design reflects the post-war era's engineering and aesthetic values, making it a cherished model among classic motorcycle aficionados. Watch the video below and enjoy the ride. You will definitely like it!