1938 Nimbus Model C 746cc 4-cylinder OHV - Starting Up

This great short video showcases a vintage piece of engineering. Specifically, we'll be talking about the 1938 Nimbus Model C, a 4-cylinder motorcycle with a 746cc overhead valve engine.

You'll get an in-depth look at the bike, highlighting its signature design features such as the open-back inline-four engine, rigid frame with leaf-spring front suspension, and classic styling that includes a large headlight and chrome accents. The video demonstrates the starting process of this classic motorcycle. Given the age of the Nimbus Model C, it is started manually. You will see the owner preparing the motorcycle by using the kick starter to start the engine. Once started, you can hear the distinct sound of the inline-four engine.

The Nimbus Model C was known for its reliability and innovative engineering at the time, particularly its use of an inline-four engine and shaft drive, which set it apart from many contemporary motorcycles. It remains a classic and cherished model among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

Today's episode is a treat for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and offers a glimpse into the engineering marvels of the past, showing how the Nimbus Model C still holds its charm and mechanical prowess even after several decades. So watch and get a lot of pleasant moments.