The Legendary "ROADOG" Motorcycle

Would you like to see one of the most unique and iconic custom motorcycles ever created? The ROADOG was originally built by Wild Bill Gelbke, a legendary figure in the custom motorcycle community. The video provides a personal perspective on what it means to own and ride a motorcycle as iconic as the ROADOG. It's a dream come true for many motorcycle enthusiasts.

This is an exceptionally large and unconventional motorcycle, notable for its size and unique engineering. It features a car engine, making it significantly more powerful than typical motorcycles. The bike has a distinctive, industrial look with exposed mechanical components, reflecting Gelbke's background in engineering and his innovative approach. Today's video documents the purchase of the ROADOG, highlighting the excitement and significance of acquiring such a legendary motorcycle.

The main focus of the video is on riding the ROADOG, demonstrating its handling and performance on the road. Given its size and power, riding the ROADOG is a unique experience compared to conventional motorcycles. You'll be able to see the intricate engineering and custom features of the ROADOG. This includes its robust frame, car engine integration, and unique steering mechanism.

Enjoy a breathtaking and insightful look at the ROADOG motorcycle, highlighting its unique place in motorcycle history and the experience of riding such an iconic machine. Check out the video below and have fun.