1971 BMW R75/5 | Cold Start and Walk Around

Meet a motorcycle that will undoubtedly amaze you! The 1971 BMW R75/5 is a classic motorcycle that belongs to the BMW /5 series, produced from 1970 to 1973. It features a 745cc air-cooled, four-stroke, boxer twin engine. Known for its reliability and smooth performance, the R75/5 has become a favorite among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

This cool bike is powered by 745cc air-cooled, four-stroke, opposed twin (boxer) engine. Approximately 50 horsepower. Transmission - 4-speed manual gearbox. The /5 series was the first BMW motorcycle series to feature an electric starter. Classic BMW styling with a round headlight, twin gauges, and a sleek, minimalist look. Telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorbers. Drum brakes both front and rear.

In terms of a cold start, classic BMW motorcycles like the R75/5 typically follow a specific sequence to ensure a smooth start, especially in cooler conditions. This involves turning on the fuel, setting the choke, and using either the electric starter or kick starter, depending on the model's setup and the rider's preference.

You can see detailed views of the bike's exterior, including the tank, seat, engine, exhaust system, and various other components. The R75/5 in slick black is particularly striking, highlighting the bike's timeless design and craftsmanship. Just scroll down and see how incredible this bike is! Enjoy watching and have a nice day!