1938 James | Rare Vintage 2-stroke Motorcycle

We invite you to take a look into the fascinating history of motorcycling! This is the 1938 hand gear James motorcycle with a 125 cc 2-stroke Villiers engine. James motorcycles, known for their ruggedness and reliability, have a storied past, and this particular model is a testament to the engineering and design of its time.

The video highlights the motorcycle's key features, such as its classic frame design, vintage aesthetics, and period-correct components. You can appreciate the craftsmanship involved in maintaining or restoring such a machine to its former glory. The attention to detail in elements like the fuel tank, handlebars, and saddle would be evident, showcasing the elegance and simplicity of pre-war motorcycle design.

The 1938 James motorcycle features a hand gear shift mechanism, a characteristic of many early motorcycles, which requires the rider to manually shift gears using a lever mounted on the side of the fuel tank. This setup provides a tactile and engaging riding experience, reflecting the hands-on nature of motorcycling in that era. At the heart of this motorcycle lies the 125 cc 2-stroke Villiers engine. Villiers engines were renowned for their simplicity, robustness, and efficiency. The 2-stroke engine, known for its distinctive sound and quick power delivery, makes this motorcycle not only a collector's item but also a functional piece of history. The Villiers engine's design allows for a lightweight and nimble ride, which was ideal for the road conditions and riding style of the 1930s.

If you're a true enthusiast, you have the opportunity to see and hear a piece of motorcycle heritage in action. It's a reminder of the technological advancements and stylistic trends of the late 1930s, and how they paved the way for future developments in the motorcycle industry. Watch the video below and enjoy your ride!