Massive V8 Motorcycle w/ 4.4L Airplane Engine

This impressive JAP V8 motorcycle looks like a carefully restored original from a century ago. However, this unique creation is actually a self-built project by Czech enthusiast Pavel Malanik. The journey began in 2017, inspired by the legendary Curtiss V8 motorcycle. In 1906, American racing pioneer Glenn Curtiss astounded the world with the first V8 motorcycle, designed to shatter speed records. By 1907, the Curtiss V8 had achieved an astounding documented speed of nearly 220 km/h.

At the dawn of the 20th century, J.A.P. was a prominent engine manufacturer, producing everything from motorcycle to aircraft engines. Pavel Malanik was particularly captivated by a V8 aircraft engine from this era. Unable to find an existing engine for his project, he embarked on the ambitious task of recreating it, drawing on the scarce two or three museum pieces that had survived.

The result of Malanik's dedication is a JAP V8 motorcycle that, while historically authentic in appearance, had never existed before. It looks like a relic from the 1900s or 1910s, featuring an aircraft-derived V8 engine with a total displacement of 4.4 liters. The engine produces around 50 horsepower at just 1,300 rpm, and idles at a mere 200 revolutions per minute. Before each ride, nearly 100 points on the V8's valve train need to be lubricated by hand using a pump. Starting the engine involves an external starter motor and precise adjustments to the fuel-air mixture via several levers on the central carburetor. Interestingly, igniting one cylinder is often sufficient to set the remaining seven into motion.

This breathtaking motorcycle has already garnered its first awards, and many more accolades are likely to follow. Pavel Malanik's creation is a testament to passion, craftsmanship, and the timeless allure of engineering marvels from a bygone era. The motorcycle not only stands as a tribute to Glenn Curtiss's original vision but also showcases the extraordinary skill and dedication required to bring such a project to life. This blend of history and modern ingenuity is truly remarkable, making the JAP V8 motorcycle a standout piece in the world of custom builds. Watch today's incredible video and get energized!