Incredible 1896 Henry Ford Quadracycle Replica!

This is a replica only for its quality and detail real size, the first car of Henry Ford. He began building in 1894. This replica has been built using all the documentation you can provide, given that the only original Quadricycle that remains is the Ford museum in Detroit (USA).

The idea of making this replica arises because of the love and concern for us, to see the first car that Henry Ford built in place, as can be seen, the result has been awesome.

This car is a twin-cylinder four-stroke engine with all its moving parts before it can be seen in great detail, all its spectacular mechanical operation (flywheel, rods, crankshaft, rocker arms, valves, etc.) and the transmission, pulley, tensioner, belts, differential, etc.. The whole of the various components and mechanisms makes it a sight to see it work. This quality makes it different from other vehicles.

Due to the high cost of making the first replica, the investment in molds, tools and models, it was decided to perform a small number of cars, and so somehow recoup the cost involved the manufacture of the first replica.

This small series (not more than 10 cars) is intended for collectors and museums around the world, and has already been acquired by some of the most important museums and some collectors around the world.