514Hp 468 Big Block Monte Carlo Comes Like a Symphony to Ears

Engines are love, engines are life for many of us. That's exactly why we keep sharing videos showing the world's coolest and most powerful engines on this website.

We love them so much and we know that you do, too! In today's video, we're checking out just another engine that will feast your ears with its extremely sweet sound. This video is actually a sound clip of a 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo with 60 over 454 to 468 cubic inch Big Block that can make up to 514 hp and 593 ft. lbs. of torque on the dyno. As the sound implies, this engine is mind-blowingly powerful. It's well equipped with an M-22 Rock Crusher 4 speed with Ram competition clutch and an Auburn 12 bolt posi with 3.30 gears and ladder bar set up. With this badass Big Block Monte Carlo, you can make even a lawn mower as fast as a jet plane.

Watch the video till the end and let us know what you think about it!