General Motors 1969 Chevelle is a Steam-Powered Masterpiece

In the last years of 1960s, the government wanted the industry's most prominent companies to come up with appliable ideas to produce cars that polute and consume less.

Back in those days, air pollution and smoke were a great concern, particularly for California. The companies were all encouraged by the government to be as creative as they can. General Motors, America's legendary automaker, rose to prominence and threw a brilliant idea into the pot. Steam was the solution that the companies were looking for
! When cars were first developing, using steam power was quite common. By the 1920s, however, steam left its place to the alternatives. In 1969, General Motors offered Besler to wirk together on n this project and after some time of detailed designing and serious hardworking steam-powered Chevelle came into being
! Looking at the outside, you get no clue about the way it is powered, but when you lift up the hood things get strange. The engine that can make 600mph is a true masterpiece. This '69 Chevelle is now in the collection of Tom Kimmel.

Check the video out to learn more about this stunning build and comment below!