Plymouth AAR Cudas and Dodge Challenger

The 1970 Plymouth Cuda AAR and the 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A are two amazing muscle cars that have their roots steeped in SCCA Trans Am racing. In this video, an excerpt from the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals special shot at The Brothers Collection, we hear from AAR and Challenger T/A expert Dave Wise about what makes these street fighters so special. From the unique 340 in.³ V8, the high-performance suspension, the exclusive staggered wheels, and the side exit exhaust to the amazing graphics package and available High Impact colors, the 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda and the Dodge Challenger T/A remain some of the most sought after Muscle Cars of all time.

The AAR 'Cuda (AAR stands for "All American Racers," a racing team owned by Dan Gurney) featured various performance upgrades, including a modified suspension, special body styling, and a high-performance engine.

The AAR 'Cuda's distinctive appearance included a Strobe Stripe with the AAR logo, a black fiberglass hood with pins, a rear spoiler, rally wheels, side pipes, fog lights, and hidden turn signals. The car was designed to be competitive in Trans Am racing, and its improved handling and acceleration made it a favorite among muscle car enthusiasts.

Most obvious is the AAR logo-capped Strobe Stripe blinking out a pattern from back to front, leading the eye to the Organasol black textured fiberglass pinned down hood. These elements don't jump out quite as much on a dark green car, but they still look awesome. The rear spoiler looks great from the back or the front, and is contoured nicely to the rear of the car. Bright rally wheels with staggered tires hide front disc and rear drum brakes, and specially muffled side pipes blast everyone you pass. Wide-eyed fog lights look to the future, and turn signals are hidden above the grille. Stiffer torsion bars and shocks work with the oversized sway bar to keep the AAR flat in the turns.

There is the 150 MPH speedo and 8000 RPM tach, and a 4-way gauge shows oil pressure, temp, fuel and electrical juice. Below sits an AM tuner, and above is a clock… with delta at 0 minutes and hours on the inner ring. This AAR also sports a bench seat with a fold down armrest to keep the driver from sliding out the passenger window under hard left turns.

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