Widebody 1966 Mustang Body Swapped Onto 2018 Mustang Chassis

In this video you can enjoy a great looking build of Mustang! Amazing transformation blending both mustangs together. All the painstaking work on the details. The windows going up and down quickly, all the modern amenities, the sill covers, the hood latches and mounts. Great color choice, too. Such a cool project!

The project involves removing the original 1966 Mustang body from its chassis and placing it onto a modern 2018 Mustang platform. The new chassis provides several benefits over the original 1966 Mustang design, including improved suspension, braking, and handling capabilities. The 2018 Mustang platform features a fully independent rear suspension, which provides better traction and handling compared to the original solid rear axle. It also has larger brakes, larger wheels, and a stiffer body structure.

The Widebody 1966 Mustang Body Swapped onto a 2018 Mustang Chassis is a unique and powerful vehicle that combines classic styling with modern performance and technology. It is a perfect example of how custom car builders can take an old classic and turn it into a modern masterpiece.

Check out the video and tell us what do you think of it!