World's 7 Best American Muscle Cars "The Beast Stang"

Which American muscle car models are most popular and iconic is perhaps the highly interested question that most muscle car fans want to know. When we are talking about american muscle cars: american muscle car build, american muscle car sound, american muscle car show, american muscle car restoration, american muscle car reaction, american muscle car meet, american muscle car drag race, muscle car drifting, muscle car wheelie, v8 muscle car burnout, v8 muscle car idle.

There are some popular topics in discussion as well as some fan favorite models: chevy chevelle, chevrolet chevelle ss, dodge challenger 1970, dodge daytona, plymouth superbird, super bee, yenko camaro, 69 chevelle ss, 1969 chevelle ss... However, if we have to choose one of the best classic muscle car models, classic mustang is always on the top best american muscle cars ever produced but it is more interesting and crazy when the car makers and mechanics customize these models to the mind blowing "beast stang" that always stands out from the crowd.

Today, we are showing you 7 extremely customized beast stangs ever built in the world. So, check out today's video and have a fun! Let us know what you think of it in the comments.