American Muscle Cars Start Up Sounds

If you are the fans of american cars, american muscle cars are always on the top of best choices with some of the best muscle car models ever produced as: Chevrolet Chevelle SS, 1969 Chevelle SS, Dodge Challenger 1970, Dodge Challenger 1969, 1970 Chevelle SS, Dodge Daytona, Plymouth Superbird, Plymouth Roadrunner, Oldsmobile 442, Mustang Boss 429, 1969 Chevy Camaro and much more...

With beautifully classic designs and powered by high horsepower V8 engines, listing to american muscle car engine will definitely leave us in awe. Today, we are showing you some of the best american muscle car startup sound, muscle car acceleration sound, muscle car sound idle, V8 muscle car acceleration, V8 big block sound, muscle car sound V8, V8 engine startup, muscle car cold start, muscle car revving sound, muscle car engine idle sound, 572 big block Chevy sound, Hemi V8 big block sound, 572 Hemi sound, Chevy V8 big block sound, big block V8 cold start, Hemi Supercharger sound, Dodge Challenger sound 1970, Dodge Challenger 1970 cold start...

Not only muscle car engine sound, you also see some cool muscle car show burnouts, muscle car backfire, muscle car shooting flames that will blow your mind totally! Check out the video below and enjoy your ride!!! Let us know what you think of it!