Vintage Semi-Diesel Engine of Japanese Company SATO Works Still Fully Functionally

Here's an interesting video that hit more than one million YouTube views! As engine enthusiasts know already to well, a semi-diesel engine, also known as hot bulb engine, is not a real diesel engine, but retains the operating functions of the diesel engines with the exception of high compression.

The head or bulb in the combustion chamber of a semi-diesel engine is heated to near red hear, using a kerosene torch. A semi-deisel engine is designed to have a manual pump that will force a certain amount of fuel that will be sprayed through a nozzle in the combustion chamber against the heated area. As the semi-diesel engine is rolled against compression, the manual pump is activated and the sprayed fuel ignites. This in turn creates pressure in the combustion chamber against the piston, and the engine starts. The video we present you today shows us a very old but completely functional semi-diesel engine manufactured by the SAMO Company of Japan in 1930's.

Check it out to see how this vintage engine works!