The Falkirk Lift: Scotland's Iconic Landmark is a Mechanical Marvel

Since the very first ages of our existence on Earth, human mind gave birth to countless buildings and inventions, some of which change the course of the human life while others are already unforgotten between the dusty pages of history.

In today's video, we're checking out one of the most outstanding man-made buildings: The Falkirk Wheel. Some of you might have heard of it already, but let us say something about it for those who haven't yet. Accepted as the most spectacular example of 21 st century architecture and engineering, The Falkirk Lift is the world's only rotating boat lift. As a true mechanical marvel, this remarkable boat lift is recognized to be an iconic landmark of Scotland. It lifts the boats 115ft (35m) and links the Forth and Cycle Canal with the Union Canal. It was opened by the Queen in May 2002, and it's already one of the biggest tourist attractions of Scotland.

Watch the video to see how this magnificent mechanical building works and comment below to let us know what you think about it!