Darracq's 1905 Twin 4-Cylinder 200Hp Engine Bears Great Importance for Automotive Industry

In 1904, the company of Pierre Alexandre Darracq has decided to built a faster car when a racing car designed by the company's designer Paul Ribeyrolles gained the title of fastest on earth with its relatively light chassis and large 687ci four-cylinder engine producing 100 horsepower.

Then, the ground-breaking engine you're going to see in today's video came to life. Darracq, gifted with a brilliant mind a crystal clear vision, designed and created this revolutionary engine doing nothing, but putting two 4-cylinder engines together on a well built chassis with no front brakes at all. Technically a 25 liter V8, this engine that bears historical importance for the automotive industry can bring the car to almost 200 km/h. Can you imagine making 200 horsepower in the street back in 1905? That must be crazy! This beast like engine is preserved in National Motor Museum of Beaulieu located in England.

Check out the video to see greatly significant engine in action!