Homemade V4 Engine Built from Scratch is the Real Demonstration of Amazing Craftsmanship and Excellence in Engineering

Here on this website, we don't share videos only for car lovers, we do share videos to enjoy engine enthusiasts too, and today's video is for them!

What we're checking out in this highly interested video is a V4 engine built from the scratch. As those who are interested in engines and mechanic stuff knows already too well, a V4 engine is a four-cylinder engine with its four cylinders arranged in V configuration. This type of engine is used widely in automobiles, motorcycles, marine vessels and for other industrial purposes. In this video, you're going to see a homemade V4 engine constructed from the scratch and reached the limits beyond the perfection. A brilliant man who is apparently gifted with unbelievable skills and amazing craftsmanship designed and fabricated every single part of this perfectly functional engine, including the pistols, rings, crank, exhaust, gas rank and display mount. This engine is a real demonstration of advanced craftsmanship and excellence in engineering.

Check out today's video and enjoy this unique looking engine!