Ford Power Stroke Pickup Truck Pushes the Limits in Pulling Heavy Loads

Almost everyone agree that Ford, as one of the most prominent auto-making companies in the global industry, manufactures not only durable vehicles, but also extremely strong engines.

That's exactly why Ford is among the most preferred auto brands in almost every country on the planet. In today's video, we're checking out a visual proof of the power of Ford. Checking it out, you're going to see a Ford Power Stroke pickup truck pushing the limits of pulling loads. This badass pickup truck pulls an entire house. It may sound unrealistic or unbelievable but it's completely real. It pulls a huge trailer house with household good in it. It's fascinating to see how powerful a Ford can be. Fords never let you down. We don't know how far the trip was, but pulling such a big trailer even for a couple feet is not something that every car on the market can do.

Watch the video to see what happens and don't forget to leave a comment!