4 Inch Scale Foster Steam Traction Engine is Gonna Make You Say Wow!

Are you into engine? Who isn't, right? We all love engines. We all love seeing them work! We all love hearing them run!

They're like a passion for some of us and for some others they mean more than being just a passion. In today's video, you're going to see an old but definitely gold engine: a Foster 4 inch steam traction engine. It's charismatic engine that still works functionally. The machining all throughout the engine is worth to praise. Paintjob is done professionally, not so flamboyant not so plain. It has been built with a generous use of cast iron and stainless steel. That's why it's still in a good condition. Time had no destructive affect on this exquisite engine. If you're interested in engines, particularly in old ones, then you must this 4 inch scale Foster steam traction engine in action.

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